Get Contact Lenses That Fit Properly

We carry some of the best contact lenses in Lockport, NY

If you need to fill a prescription for contact lenses or want to make the switch from glasses to contacts, visit Your Local Optical. We focus on proper fitting and procedures for contact lenses in Lockport, New York.

It's important to make sure your eyes are comfortable with the design and material of the contact lens, along with the personal instructions for insertion and removal. We'll help you find the best contact lenses that suit your needs and provide you with resources on how to take care of them properly.

Contact Your Local Optical today to schedule an appointment.

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We take time to find the right lenses for your eyes

At Your Local Optical, we're here to make sure you get the best contact lenses possible for your eye condition. The fitting for contact lenses process involves:

  • Looking at your case history and eye health
  • Analyzing your current prescription
  • Discussing your lifestyle and vocational needs

Your pursuit of long-term visual acuity, comfort and eye health is important to us. Visit Your Local Optical in Lockport, NY today to find contact lenses that fit your needs.